Turkish Delegation arrives at the HKIAC


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On 11 June 2013, HKIAC had the pleasure of hosting 13 Turkish delegates at the Centre for a two day conference with regards to the development of their new Arbitration Center in Istanbul, Turkey. Delegates of the Turkish party comprised of members of the parliament, arbitration lawyers, judges, professors and representatives from the World Bank. They participated in round - table discussions and workshops to provide them with a more informed understanding of the HKIAC and its role within international arbitration.

Topics addressed included the foundations and components to founding a successful arbitration centre, and how Istanbul might benefit from their own arbitration institution. In addition, the delegates contributed an informative session to the HKIAC outlining their aims, objectives and other contextual information concerning their plans. The HKIAC Secretary- General Chiann Bao addressed several points which were significant in amassing success in an international arbitration hub. Following each workshop, there was much opportunity for Q & A's between the guest speakers and the delegates themselves to facilitate further discussion.

We would like to extend our special thanks to Justin D'Agostino from Herbert Smith Freehills, James Kwan from Baker & McKenzie, Sylvia Siu and Frankie Kwan from the Hong Kong Mediation Centre for their contribution towards this important initiative.

Contributed by Chloe Chan