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General News

The Users Council was created in 2009 to promote the growing interest in arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution in the Asia-Pacific region, and to provide a platform for the exchange of information and experience among users of dispute settlement services.   There are more than 300 active members since its establishment 3 years ago.

In our continuing efforts to improve services for our members, HKIAC Users’ Council Members are exclusively entitled to discounts/special packages offer by our partners:

Publications and Media Subscriptions:

  1. Asian Dispute Review Journal 
  2. Asian Mena Counsel
  3. Global Arbitration Review 
  4. China and India Business law Journal
  5. Commercial Dispute Resolution
  6. Lexis Nexis 
  7. Thomsons Reuters/Sweet and Maxwell

Hotel Accommodation:

HKIAC also receive exclusive rates from the following Hotels: 

  1. Four Season Hotel, Hong Kong 
  2. Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong and other regions 
  3. J.W. Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong 
  4. Conrad Hong Kong

HKIAC Online Library

The HKIAC provides an extensive library of literature and data relating to arbitration and other means of dispute resolution. All information is provided to our users on a complimentary basis. HKIAC Users’ Council Members can now use our search option available on the members’ section of the HKIAC website to see whether the material is available at the HKIAC library.

Other benefits – Latest Updates

Priority and discounts to all seminars and conferences organised by the HKIAC. All HKIAC Users’ Council Members will also have access to the members’ section of the HKIAC website which will give you information on how to acquire discounts from our media/publishing partners.

See our Latest Update to keep you informed of all our discounts and events exclusive for the Users Council.

Individuals and institutions who wish to participate in shaping the future of dispute resolution services in Hong Kong and the region are welcome to join.  For more information about the HKIAC Users Council, please contact us at


Media Contact

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre

Ms. Karen Tan 

Tel:  (852) 2525  2381 

Fax: (852) 2524 2171