HKIAC to Host the Inaugural Hong Kong Arbitration Week


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The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (“HKIAC”) is proud to host the inaugural Hong Kong Arbitration week. As economic forces and commercial interests are shifting the epicentre of international arbitration eastward to Asia, this eastward shift has raised a diverse array of questions concerning the impact of Asian users, Asian law and practice, and Asian subject matter on the practice of international arbitration. HKIAC established the Hong Kong Arbitration Week to facilitate discussion between users and practitioners about this changing landscape in international arbitration. Through this dialogue, HKIAC hopes to raise awareness of these latest trends and to help bridge the gap between cultures. This effort is very much a collaborative effort of multiple institutions and players with an interest in arbitration in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Arbitration Week gives all of those in Hong Kong an opportunity work together to showcase the best that Hong Kong has to offer. Through conferences, luncheons and evening receptions, Hong Kong Arbitration Week seeks to provide a multitude of forums in which users and practitioners can come together to exchange ideas on how best to manage this increased demand for arbitration services. The HKIAC hopes to raise awareness of the latest trends in the field as it welcomes members of the global arbitration community to Hong Kong. Our program for this year is as follows:

15 October 

ICC / HK 45 Early Evening Seminar and Cocktail Party - To kick off Hong Kong Arbitration Week, join Julian Lew QC and a panel of arbitration experts for an early evening seminar to discuss Asia’s role as a dominant force in international arbitration in the 21st Century, followed by a cocktail party.

16 October

ICSID 101 - A comprehensive one day seminar guiding participants through the workings of the ICSID system of arbitration.

HK Arbitration Charity Ball  - A night of glamour and camaraderie on the Hong Kong calendar aimed at raising funds to support local Hong Kong charities and to assist in the development of arbitration across Asia.

17 October 

ADR in Asia Conference - Join prominent members of the ADR community from across the globe to address important issues and developments in international arbitration. The overarching theme of this year’s conference will be whether party autonomy helps or hinders the arbitral process

HKIAC New Premises Launch Party - The HKIAC welcomes delegates from the ADR in Asia Conference to join in the inauguration of the newly remodeled centre with stunning views overlooking Hong Kong and state of the ar facilities. 

18 October 

GAR Live 2nd Annual Asia Conference - Co-chaired by Michael Moser and Justin D’Agostino, speakers from CIETAC, the ICC and prominent law firms around Asia will discuss the current topics in Global Arbitration finishing with an Oxford-style debate about “India and international arbitration”. 

Hong Kong presents the ideal venue for tackling emerging legal issues related to arbitration in Asia. The city has long been a pioneer of supporting arbitration in Asia. It has diligently undertaken legislative and administrative initiatives to establish a robust arbitration framework and to stay abreast of international best practice. Its independent courts have developed significant case law that minimizes destructive interference and maintains a strong pro-enforcement stance. Join us as we gather to share our experiences and thoughts on how to ensure that international arbitration in Asia meets the evolving needs of parties from all corners of the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to an engaging, fruitful and enjoyable discourse.

Please click here for information about the Hong Kong Arbitration Week.  Discounts are available if you wish to attend more than one of the above events. 


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