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Aims and Objectives

The global economy is progressively turning towards Asia, conscious of the opportunities it can offer.  With foreign investment into Asian jurisdictions on the rise and initiatives such as Belt and Road gaining traction, there is a need in Asia for dispute resolution services that cater to the types of disputes such investment initiatives will bring.

With its modern arbitration legislation, a pro-arbitration judiciary and effective government support, Hong Kong has long been a leading dispute resolution centre in Asia.  As Hong Kong’s home-grown arbitral institution, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) has led the way for the development of arbitration in Asia and has been at the forefront in building the next generation of arbitrators. 

Over the past 5 years, HKIAC has hosted the HK Practice Moot, the only Asian practice moot for the Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot. The HK Practice Moot provides teams in the Asia-Pacific region with experience in investment arbitration in the form of simulated arbitration hearings. 

The HKIAC Capacity Building Scholarship (HKCBS) is a new initiative for the development of investment arbitration in Asia with a view to building the next generation of arbitrators.  The scholarship will provide students from developing jurisdictions within Asia (specifically Belt and Road countries) a unique opportunity to develop their knowledge of international commercial and investment arbitration through funded placements at HKIAC and a leading law firm in Hong Kong.

Up to two scholarships will be awarded each year to selected students who have participated in the HK Practice Moot.

General Terms

  1. The scholarship will be known as the “HKIAC Capacity Building Scholarship” (HKCBS) and each scholarship holder shall be referred to as a “HKIAC Capacity Building Scholar” (Scholar).
  2. Each Scholar will be awarded (1) a one-month placement with HKIAC; (2) a one-month placement at an International Law Firm in Hong Kong; and (3) participation in HKIAC’s Tribunal Secretary-Training Programme in Hong Kong.  
  3. Each Scholar shall receive HK$50,000 (to be paid in 2 installments) which shall be used to cover one round-trip economy air-ticket, accommodation and a monthly living allowance. The Scholarship may cover these expenses fully or partly with any unexpended balance being remitted to HKIAC.
  4. After the completion of the programme, each Scholar shall submit a Capacity Building Report to the Secretary-General of the HKIAC.

Selection of HKIAC Capacity Building Scholar

  1. To be eligible, candidates must (1) participate in the HK Practice Moot; (2) be nationals of an Asian country (the boundaries of Asia are to be determined at the discretion of HKIAC); and (3) have obtained a first or upper second class law degree.
  2. To apply, candidates must submit an expression of interest stating (in no more than 250 words) why the candidate is applying for the scholarship and why it should be awarded to them, before 2 February 2018.
  3. In its evaluations, HKIAC shall consider the potential of a candidate to make a meaningful contribution towards the promotion of international arbitration in Asia.
  4. HKIAC shall aim to award 2 (two) scholarships, but shall retain final discretion as to the amount of each award, and the number of scholarships per year.


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