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In a first session, the workshop will offer insight into the Moot scoring system (including the statistics of previous years), present advice on objective evaluation both in the preliminary and; elimination rounds, give guidance on different possibilities to structure a Moot session and provide tips on how to give feedback, which give the students an optimal learning experience. In a second session, the speakers will give a short overview of this year’s moot problem, offer their expert advice on the key legal issues addressed therein and discuss how to transform these issues into good questions.


Year 2016

  • A Career in Arbitration - Options, Anecdotes and Top Tips (2016/03/08)

Come along and hear from lawyers in private practice and in-house about what it’s really like to work in the field. And hear different perspectives about what the career paths open to arbitration lawyers, from acting as secretary to tribunals, working at an institution such as the HKIAC, appearing as counsel, taking on the role of arbitrator and even being appointed as a High Court judge!

A range of panellists will share their experiences, anecdotes and top tips about pursuing a career in arbitration. This promises to be a lively and insightful seminar and there will be an opportunity to mingle over drinks afterwards.

  • HK45 Annual Update 

Join us as we discuss the most recent developments in Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Singapore and further afield. Moderated by Eleanor Hughes. Speakers include Sheila Ahuja, Simone Hui, James MacKinnon, Matthew Townsend, Romesh Weeramantry, and Ing Loong Yang.

  • HK45 5th Anniversary Cocktail Reception proudly sponsored by DTI


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Year 2012

  • SEMINAR : Arbitration Update for the New Year 2012

An update of recent developments in arbitration impacting Hong Kong.

  • SEMINAR : Arbitration in the Region : Fresh Perspectives

An overview of arbitration in the region, comparing and contrasting arbitration practice in key jurisdictions across Asia.

  • SEMINAR : International Commercial Arbitration

A detailed examination of the principles of commercial international arbitration legislation, institutional rules and case law.

  • CONFERENCE : International Arbitration Symposium, Hong Kong

  • SEMINAR : Introducing the New Hong Kong Arbitration Ordinance

A highlight on the new Hong Kong Arbitration Ordinance and providing an in-dept analysis as to its practical implications.

  • SEMINAR : International Arbitration 2.0 and beyond: What arbitral institutions can do to contribute to the development of international arbitration

A rare opportunity to hear directly from representative of leading arbitration institutions regarding what they conosider to be the main challenges for the development of international arbitration during the coming years and what they will do to overcome them.


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