Removal of Arbitrators

From HKIAC's Panel or List of Arbitrators for failure to exercise duties

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HKIAC reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to remove an arbitrator from HKIAC's Panel or List.

The duties of an arbitrator are threefold:

  1. Duties imposed by the parties;
  2. Duties imposed by law; and
  3. Ethical duties.

When an arbitrator conducts an arbitration, he or she should be under strict moral and ethical obligations to act fairly and impartially, and adhere to the HKIAC Code of Conduct for Arbitrators.

If an arbitrator on HKIAC's Panel or List fails to observe any of the duties outlined above, the Appointments Committee may, at its discretion, remove an Arbitrator from HKIAC's Panel or List without providing reasons for doing so.

The decision of the Appointments Committee shall be final.



Alan Redfern and Martin Hunter, Law and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration, 2nd edition, 1991, Sweet and Maxwell, pages 262 to 271.
HKIAC Code of Conduct for Arbitrators is based closely on Chartered Institute of Arbitrators' “Guidelines of Good Practice and Code of Ethical Conduct for Arbitrators.”

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