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HKIAC became the first international arbitration institution to open a representative office in mainland China in 2015.  

Operating through its Shanghai office, HKIAC has been working with local arbitration commissions to promote international arbitration best practice on the mainland by providing professional training to mainland Chinese arbitrators and practitioners, as well as by facilitating the development of an overall pro-arbitration policy across China.  



HKIAC launched its Women In Arbitration (WIA) group in 2018, an initiative committed to the promotion and success of female practitioners in international arbitration and related practice areas in China.  Over the past few years, WIA has organised events and seminars for its members to discuss current topics, grow networks and business relationships, and develop the next generation of leading female practitioners. 

Dr Ling Yang, HKIAC Deputy Secretary-General and Chief Representative of HKIAC’s Shanghai office, is behind the initiative having noticed: “the absence of groups dedicated to the interests of female practitioners in what is otherwise a thriving arbitration community in Mainland China”. 

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Ling Yang (Chief Representative of the Shanghai Office)

Shanghai Office address:

Unit 1711
Pufa Tower
588 South Pudong Road
Shanghai, China


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  • Any questions regarding arbitration in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
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