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The HKIAC Secretariat is comprised of legal and administrative staff of diverse nationalities who can work in multiple languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Russian, Filipino, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and Swedish). The Secretariat provides administrative support in dispute resolution proceedings including arbitration, mediation, adjudication and domain name disputes.  HKIAC's legal staff are highly qualified individuals admitted in both civil and common law jurisdictions with experience in international commercial, investment, and inter-State arbitration. HKIAC's legal staff are available for appointment as tribunal secretaries. For more information, click here.


 Mariel Dimsey
Ling Yang
Deputy Secretary-General & Chief Representative
(Shanghai Office)
Eric Ng
Deputy Secretary-General


Marnie Shaw
Business Development Director
Dong Long
Managing Counsel
Terence Chan
IT Director
Debbie Chong
Operations Director/
Personal Assistant to the Secretary-General
Ji Yoon Park
Counsel & Chief Representative
(Seoul Office)
Louise Wong
Senior Business Development Manager
Krystal Cheng
Events Programme Manager
 Byron Perez
Counsel (Supervisor)
Victoria Khandrimaylo
Fanghan Chen
Sicen Hu
Yinsheng Qu
Lilian Gao
Deputy Counsel
Zijin Yu
Deputy Counsel
Alefiyah Shipchandler
Deputy Counsel
Christina Kazazaeva
Deputy Counsel
Michelle Cheung
Deputy Counsel
Sam Wei
Case Manager
Qiqi Huang
 ADR Case Manager
Tianyu Liu
 ADR Case Manager
Jade Lam
Marketing & Events Executive
Manvis Zhang
Marketing & Events Executive
Charlotte Kwok
Marketing & Events Executive
Steven Wu
IT Executive
Jason Ip
IT Support/Technician Officer
Alex Ngai
Virtual Hearing Operator/
IT Assistant
Isabelly Lai
Administrative Officer
Christy Cheng
Administrative Officer
Romilda Leung
Administrative Officer
Kat Shum
Office Assistant
Karen Lee
Reo Woo

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