2005 Procedure Fees

Fee Schedule for an arbitration administered under the 2005 HKIAC Procedures for the Administration of International Arbitration

In cases where parties have agreed to have their arbitration administered in accordance with the 2005 HKIAC Procedures for the Administration of International Arbitration, the applicable fees are set out in the Fee Schedule.

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All fees are noted in Hong Kong dollars.

1. Determination of Number of Arbitrators

A fee of HKD 4,000 shall be charged if HKIAC, by request of a party, determines the number of arbitrators appropriate for an arbitration.


2. Appointment Fee

An appointment fee of HKD 4,000 shall be charged for the appointment of an arbitrator. This fee will cover all steps taken by HKIAC in connection with the appointment of an arbitrator.


3. Arbitrator Fees

Arbitrator fees shall not be set by HKIAC. As provided in paragraph 8 of the 2008 Procedures, HKIAC will, at the parties’ request, consult with the arbitrators to assist the parties in setting fees for arbitration. Nevertheless the payment of fees is the responsibility of the parties.


4. Administrative Fees

Fees for administrative functions performed by HKIAC shall be according to the following schedule:

Amount of Claim


Up to HKD 1 million

HKD 15,000

Up to HKD 5 million

HKD 25,000

Up to HKD 50 million

HKD 50,000

Up to HKD 100 million

HKD 100,000

Over HKD 100 million

As determined by HKIAC Council


5. Administrative Facilities and Services

5.1 The administrative fees enumerated in paragraph 4 provide for basic administration of the arbitration.

5.2 The cost of administrative services not provided directly by HKIAC, such as stenographic or interpretation services, shall be borne solely by the parties.


6. Settlement or Early Termination

6.1 If the dispute is settled prior to such time as an award is issued by the arbitral tribunal, any administrative costs already incurred by HKIAC shall be included as a cost to be paid by the parties. Such administrative costs will include any non-refundable booking fees.

6.2 The parties will not be liable for administrative costs not yet incurred in any manner by HKIAC.

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