Ling Yang


Ling Yang
Deputy Secretary-General

Chief Representative

(Shanghai Office)



English, Mandarin, French

Education & Qualifications
Ph.D Law School, Wuhan University
LL.M Law School, Wuhan University
LL.B School of Politics and Law, Central China Normal University
Admitted to the Chinese Bar since 2004


Dr Ling Yang is Deputy Secretary-General of HKIAC and Chief Representative of the Shanghai Office.

Prior to joining HKIAC in January 2018, Ling was an Associate Professor at the East China University of Political Science and Law where she taught international arbitration for more than eight years. During 2017, Ling was a visiting scholar at Boston University School of Law. Ling has published widely on issues of international dispute resolution and arbitration in China, and currently serves as Executive Editor-in-Chief for the Shanghai International Arbitration Review. Ling has also been appointed as arbitrator. She obtained a PhD in 2009 and an LLM in International Law in 2006 from Wuhan University. In 2008, she was visiting scholar at the University of Aix-en-Provence Marseille III.

Publications (Books)

  • “Key Issues on Chinese and International Arbitration”, Shanghai Sanlian Press, 2013

  • “Procedure of International Commercial Arbitration”, Law Press, 2011

Articles since 2010

  • 'Innovation and Resilience: Arbitration in Hong Kong', China Business Law Journal, 2022
  • 'The Seat of Arbitration: The Development of this Concept in Mainland China', Asian Dispute Review, Issue 1, 2022
  • 'Ad Hoc Arbitrations and Their Appointing Authorities', China Business Law Journal, 2021
  • 'How Far to Reach an International Standard? The Applicable Standards for Granting Interim Relief in Mainland China and Hong Kong', Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 2021
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