HKIAC Launches HKIAC Case Connect

01 Nov 2021

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01 Nov 2021
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HKIAC Launches HKIAC Case Connect 

HKIAC Case Connect is an online case management platform developed for the convenience and security of parties and tribunals. It is available for all ongoing and prospective arbitrations administered by HKIAC or in which HKIAC provides ongoing administrative support (for example, fundholding services). Until the end of 2022, it is provided free-of-charge.

Key Functions

HKIAC Case Connect facilitates case management in several ways.

It serves as a repository to which all documents may be uploaded, including, for example, the applicable arbitration rules, the parties’ written pleadings, and the tribunals’ orders. Users receive notifications when files have been uploaded. The contact information of all participants in an arbitration are centrally recorded.

Parties and tribunals can communicate within HKIAC Case Connect, obviating the need for external email communication, or use it in conjunction with email communication.

Users can track deadlines and dates on a case-specific calendar, which can be easily linked to Outlook. The progress of an arbitration can be traced with all activity in a case recorded centrally.

Security and Reliability

HKIAC Case Connect is a secure and reliable platform powered by Thomson Reuters’ HighQ system. It offers banking-grade encryption, 99% uptime, and around-the-clock server monitoring.

HKIAC’s Commitment to Innovation

HKIAC has increasingly employed technology to enhance the efficiency of arbitrations in recent years. This is reflected in the suite of virtual hearing services offered by HKIAC as well as the 2018 HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules, which encourage the use of technology by tribunals and parties. The launch of HKIAC Case Connect offers users another tool to better manage their cases.

Sarah Grimmer says “HKIAC is committed to meaningful innovation. We are proud to offer an enhanced online case management platform in HKIAC Case Connect. It is a fantastic tool that I am sure parties and tribunals will find helpful and easy-to-use.”

HKIAC will assist parties and tribunals in setting up their arbitrations on HKIAC Case Connect and provide training on its use. Please contact your HKIAC Case Manager or email for more details.

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