The Lighthouse Club Construction Conference

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30 Oct 2015
Hong Kong

The Lighthouse Club is delighted to present its Construction Conference 2015 on the subject of “NEC3 – Best Practice in Project Procurement and Delivery”. This Conference will concentrate on what is good about NEC3 in terms of risk allocation, collaboration, risk management and dispute avoidance and how these benefits are being achieved on the NEC contracts under construction in Hong Kong. This will be of particular interest to all those who participate in the construction industry, both in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Delegates will have a unique opportunity of learning from practitioners with many years experience in the construction industry of Hong Kong and who have seen first-hand the problems caused by adversarial relationships in conventional contracting and the benefits that can be achieved through the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation that is fostered by NEC3 and other forms of collaborative contract, thereby improving performance in project procurement and delivery.


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