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 Useful Websites
Hong Kong Bar Association
The Hong Kong Bar Association is the professional organisation of barristers in Hong Kong.
A Hong Kong Government body aiming to attract and retain foreign direct investment which is of strategic importance to Hong Kong’s economic development.
Belt and Road Portal
An online platform operated by the State Information Centre of China dedicated to provide news about China's dealings along the Belt and Road.
Hong Kong Monetary Authority Infrastructure Financing Facilitation Office
A platform established by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority to facilitate infrastructure investments and their financing.
Asian Infrastucture Investment Bank  (AIIB)
A multilateral development bank headquartered in Beijing with over 80 approved members from around the world.
Silk Road Fund
A medium to long-term development and investment fund that mainly focuses on providing support for trade and economic cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.
Asian Development Bank
A development bank composed of 67 members, 48 of which are from the Asia-Pacific region, aiming to provide loans and investments to promote social and economic development.
Maritime Silk Road Society
The society aims to identify opportunities for Hong Kong as part of the Belt and Road Initiative as well as raise public awareness.
International Academy of the Belt and Road
Hong Kong’s first research institution concerning the Belt and Road Initiative, committed to building an international platform for academic and professional exchanges.
Law Society of Hong Kong
The Law Society is a professional association for solicitors in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
An organisation dedicated to exploring and creating opportunities for Hong Kong’s businesses and helping them connect with business partners around the world.
New York Convention Guide
This website hosts information on the implementation of the New York Convention with the aim of promoting its uniform and effective application throughout the world.



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