The Arts and Science of Negotiation & Mediation

首頁活動The Arts and Science of Negotiation & Mediation
Hong Kong

This CPD talk will be a heartfelt sharing of Ms Chih's experience in negotiation/mediation. It is suitable for all legal practitioners, mediators, businessmen, executives/administrators who have to engage in business or legal negotiation/mediation to attend.

The talk will capture the gist of insight of many renowned international negotiators, mediation practitioners, academic , writers and speakers and there will be sharing of various intellectual concepts and techniques taught in overseas Universities concerning mediation and negotiation.

There will also be interactive games and exercises to enhance the understanding of some intellectual concepts to be discussed. This talk will sure be an eye-opening and inspiring learning experience, empowering each participant with dynamic, pragmatic and creative negotiation/mediation technique, with lots of joy and fun to be shared!