Virtual Hearings

Flexible, effective and seamless: HKIAC virtual hearings

Our aim is to ensure that you experience a seamless and effective virtual hearing. Please read the HKIAC Guidelines for Virtual Hearings and complete our online virtual hearing enquiry form or contact us today to find out how HKIAC can facilitate your virtual hearing needs. Our virtual hearing services may be used for arbitrations administered by HKIAC and those that are not.


  • Multiple mobile video conferencing capabilities to accommodate a variety of fully or partially virtual hearings
  • A dedicated virtual hearing suite with cameras that capture every angle of the room, floor-mounted digital screens, and two 75” large digital screens on the wall
  • Laptops, monitors, portable audio speakers, wireless mics, projectors and screens are available to rent at cost


  • Video conferencing
    • IP-based video conferencing system that can support up to 8 different locations
    • Cloud-based video conferencing compatible with all major video conferencing platforms (Zoom, Webex, Blue Jeans, Microsoft Teams)
  • Audio conferencing: seamless technology and high-speed connectivity to more than 80 countries, supporting up to 30 lines


  • Consultation – An experienced hearing team will guide parties and tribunals through the process prior to the hearing, acting as the organisational nerve centre, organising and leading testing sessions with everyone, and ensuring that you always have back-up solutions
  • Dedicated hearing managers will be assigned to each hearing in order to monitor the proceedings and provide IT support as needed
  • Partnership with market-leading specialists: HKIAC partners with leading legal technology specialists to offer users a comprehensive range of integrated virtual hearing services
    • Electronic bundles (online and offline eBundling)
    • Electronic presentation of evidence (EPE) (assembly of evidence from multiple media sources into a logical and easy to view electronic format to present evidence at a hearing
    • Transcription
    • Interpretation




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