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  • HKIAC is ranked the third most preferred and used arbitral institution worldwide and the most favoured institution outside of Europe by Queen Mary and White & Case's 2015 International Arbitration Survey.

Reputed Independent Provider of Innovative Dispute Resolution Services

  • Founded in 1985, HKIAC is one of the longest-standing arbitral institutions in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • “Regional arbitration pretty much began with the HKIAC. No regional institution has been running for so long. Or with such success.” GAR Guide to Regional Arbitration (volume 3), 7 October 2014.
  • It is an independent, not-for-profit organization.
  • HKIAC is a one-stop shop which administers arbitration, mediation, adjudication and domain name cases.
  • HKIAC plays a leading role in developing innovative arbitration practices. It won the 2015 GAR innovation award for its model arbitration clauses and tribunal secretary service.

    Premier Location, Modern Facilities

    • Ranked among the top four hearing centres by GAR’s Hearing Centres Survey, 7 October 2014.
    • HKIAC's facilities are convenient, modern and comfortable. They are located in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district and are priced very competitively.
    • Multi-purpose rooms can be configured to meet the needs of any hearing, conference or meeting.
    • As well as hearing rooms, HKIAC offers individual break-out rooms; global video-conferencing equipment, an in-house library and wireless internet access throughout.
    • For a complete overview of our facilities please click here.

    Experienced International Secretariat

    • The Secretariat comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, including nationals of France, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Philippines.
    • Between them they speak English, Mandarin, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Cantonese, Hindi and Filipino.
    • Secretariat members are qualified in both civil and common law jurisdictions and are based in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Seoul.
    • A Secretariat member can be appointed as tribunal secretary in HKIAC administered or ad hoc arbitrations under HKIAC’s detailed guidelines on the use of tribunal secretaries.
    • For an introduction to the team at the Secretariat please click here.

    State-of-the-Art Rules

    • HKIAC's 2013 Administered Arbitration Rules are the most modern and comprehensive set of rules on the market. The adoption of the Rules was nominated by GAR as one of the best developments of 2013.
    • Key features include:
      • Structure for Payment of Arbitrator's Fees: HKIAC was the first institution to expressly provide parties with a choice between paying arbitrators based on hourly rates or the amount in dispute (nominated in 2013 for a GAR innovation award). This remains a key feature of the 2013 Administered Rules. HKIAC has also introduced a fee cap on arbitrators' hourly rates as well as standard terms and conditions for all arbitrators appointed under the Rules. These features help reduce cost and introduce greater transparency into the appointment process.
      • Flexibility Dealing with Complex Arbitrations: comprehensive provisions on joinder, consolidation and the ability to commence claims under multiple contracts in a single proceeding allow HKIAC to deal efficiently and cost effectively with arbitrations involving multiple parties and/or multiple contracts.
      • Availability of Emergency Arbitration: the Rules provide access to emergency arbitrator procedures, allowing parties to apply for enforceable urgent interim relief within the arbitration process.

    Light Touch, Full Service

    • HKIAC considers itself to be a "light touch" institution. We provide a full service without the bureaucracy.
    • While HKIAC has powers under the Rules to facilitate the efficient and effective running of an arbitration where necessary, if it's not necessary, HKIAC will not intercede.
    • The approach is a balance between the more hands-off approach of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and the practice of overly regulated administered arbitration.
    • One consequence is that HKIAC does not scrutinize awards, it leaves it to the tribunal to render a valid award (which it is expressly obliged to do in accordance with the Rules). This helps to avoid the significant delay and additional cost associated with the scrutiny process.

    Experts in China-Related Disputes, Stellar Record of Enforcement in China

    • HKIAC is excellently placed to deal with disputes arising from all international transactions.
    • It also enjoys a particular advantage in relation to disputes involving Chinese parties.
    • Hong Kong's proximity to the Mainland ensures HKIAC benefits from an excellent knowledge of China, including its commercial, regulatory & legal environments.
    • Cases can be dealt with in Chinese or English or on a bilingual basis. HKIAC also enjoys excellent contact with other lawyers, arbitrators and experts with the same capability.
    • Every year HKIAC administers a high volume of disputes involving Mainland Chinese parties, concentrating its experience in dealing with these types of disputes.
    • HKIAC awards enjoy a strong record of enforcement in China. The Chinese courts have not refused to enforce any HKIAC award in the past five years.

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