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HKIAC Average Costs and Duration


The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (“HKIAC”) is pleased to release the average costs and duration of an HKIAC arbitration.  The data published below reflects the results of cases administered by HKIAC under the 2013 HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules (the “Rules”) in which a final award was issued.  

In summary, the mean duration of an HKIAC arbitration is 12.25 months and the median duration is 11.60 months.  The mean total costs of arbitration are US$65,721.26 and the median total costs of arbitration are US$31,704.04.  

The following methodology was used to produce the data:

  • All arbitrations under the Rules which progressed to a final award were identified.
  • Duration refers to the period between the date of commencement of the arbitration and the date of the final award, inclusive of any stay periods.
  • Costs of arbitration include HKIAC’s administrative fees and the arbitral tribunal’s fees and expenses only.

All proceedings

Duration12.25 months11.60 months
Tribunal's Fees and ExpensesUS$52,643.87US$19,587.63
HKIAC's Administrative FeesUS$13,077.39US$9,281.49
Costs of ArbitrationUS$65,721.26US$31,704.04

Expedited Procedure proceedings

Duration6.46 months (4.42 months)16.52 months (4.08 months)2
Tribunal's Fees and ExpensesUS$24,275.13US$16,978.09
HKIAC's Administrative FeesUS$14,981.48US$6,744.06
Costs of ArbitrationUS$39,256.61US$23,722.16

Emergency Arbitrator proceedings

Duration14 days14 days
Emergency Arbitrator's Fees and ExpensesUS$35,225.52US$35,225.52
HKIAC's Administrative FeesUS$5,798.97US$5,798.97
Costs of Emergency Arbitrator ProceedingsUS$41,024.48US$41,024.48

Last updated on 14 December 2016

Queries may be addressed to:

Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
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8 Connaught Place
Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 2525 2381
Fax: +852 2524 2171

  1. The number of months in parenthesis indicates the duration between the date on which the case file is transmitted to the arbitral tribunal and the date of the final award.
  2. Ibid.

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