The Indian Arbitration Reforms - A Giant Leap for India?

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Hong Kong

There was much excitement last year when two key ordinances aimed at reforming the dispute resolution processes in India were promulgated by the President of India. The Arbitration Ordinance which amends the Indian Arbitration Act and the Commercial Courts Ordinance, which provides for the establishment of Commercial Courts across India. In January this year, these ordinances were enacted by the Indian Parliament. 

So are these reforms a giant leap for India? And what are the practical implications for foreign investors now when dealing with Indian disputes? To consider this, we have a panel of leading voices on this topic including Zia Mody, Founder and Senior Partner of AZB & Partners. She will be joined by Matthew Gearing QC and Sheila Ahuja of Allen & Overy, leading practitioners who have worked on a number of high profile Indian disputes including BG/Reliance in ongoing UNCITRAL arbitration proceedings against the Government of India in a dispute arising out of two production sharing contacts. 

The discussion will centre on key issues including reforms to the domestic arbitral process, remedies available in international arbitration proceedings, and challenges to and enforcement of arbitral awards. The panel will also consider various hypothetical situations and how this would play out under the new reforms.