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Selected topics in investment treaty arbitration

[This event has been postponed. Further details will be announced in due course.]Read more

04 Mar 2020

HKIAC Annual Lecture: The New York Convention 1958 Simply Demystified

[This event has been postponed. Further details will be announced in due course.]Read more

04 Mar 2020

The 13th Frankfurt Investment Arbitration HK Practice Moot

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) invites you to the 7th HK Practice Moot in preparation for the 13th Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot.Read more

24 Feb 2020 to 25 Feb 2020

“2019 仲裁沪港通”论坛

活动日程 Programme

1:30 PM - 2 PM 会议注册/Registration

2 PM - 2:30 PM 开幕致辞/Opening Speeches

...Read more

06 Dec 2019

HKIAC Pre-arbitration Strategy Workshop: Maximising Recovery in International Arbitration

This seminar brings together legal counsel, in an early stage meeting scenario to consider the legal options available and practical steps required to formulate an effective dispute resolution strategy.Read more

27 Nov 2019

The Kaplan Lecture 2019: A Judicial Perspective on Arbitration: Where are We Headed?

You are cordially invited to attend the annual Kaplan Lecture, delivered by The Right Honourable Madam Justice Beverley McLACHLIN, P.C., C.C., C.St.J.

Registration & Networking Cocktails: 6:00PM - 6:30PM
Lecture: 6:30PM - 7:30PM

CPD points pending approval.Read more

27 Nov 2019
Hong Kong

Workshop on Deal Making and Dispute Resolution in Commercial Transactions

On Monday 18 November at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra...Read more

18 Nov 2019

2019 Hong Kong Arbitration Week

Coming to its 8th year, the Hong Kong Arbitration Week has taken its place in the global calendar of "Must Attend Events" for arbitration practitioners in Asia and worldwide.Read more

20 Oct 2019 to 25 Oct 2019
Hong Kong

国际仲裁中文赛 Doing International Arbitration in Chinese


仲裁是当事人的选择。如何仲裁,更是如此。大体而言,境外国际仲裁已形成一套与内地通常的程序有别、相对固定的模式。相对独立的,是程序语言和实体准据法的选择。实践中,英文和普通法体系内的法律仍是主流。与此相应,内地律师和内地仲裁员,在境外国际仲裁中并不常见。但香港国际仲裁中心(HKIAC)近年的数据显示,选用中文或中英文双语及适用中国法的案件显著增多,2018年已近20%。内地律师和内地仲裁员的参与,也略有增加。Read more

10 Oct 2019 to 19 Oct 2019

Adjudication in Hong Kong and Introduction to CIArb (EAB) Adjudication Training Course


5:30 PM - 6:00 PM: Registration

6:00 PM - 6:05 PM: Welcome Remarks

...Read more

25 Sep 2019

Procedural War Stories and Technology in Arbitration - HK45 & KCAB Next Seminar and HKIAC Seminar

As part of the Seoul ADR Festival, HK45 and KCAB Next invite you to this event designed to be interactive and to provide an opportunity for all participants to share news and views on how new technology is impacting the practice of international arbitration...Read more

19 Sep 2019

Manage Domain Names and Trademarks in the E-business World (2019 ADNDRC Conference)

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) is delighted to host the 2019 ADNDRC Conference on 11 September 2019 to address emerging issues in domain name dispute resolution. The theme for this year's Conference is Protecting Domain Names in Asia...Read more

11 Sep 2019
06 Sep 2019

HKIAC Belt and Road Conference

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) will host a full day conference to focus on infrastructure investment and risk management in the cross-border context.

The conference will bring together government officials, business leaders, financiers and legal experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing and operating infrastructure projects.
 Read more

17 Jul 2019

Tribunal Secretary Training Programme - Hong Kong

Join us for a two-and-a-half-day programme featuring practical training on the role of tribunal secretaries.

The programme is taught by an experienced Faculty and overseen by a Senior Advisory Board which includes international arbitration specialists from around the world.Read more

08 Jul 2019 to 10 Jul 2019
Hong Kong

Fashion sustainability: How technology got us into trouble and how it will help save us

The "Sustainability: Meet the Experts Series" aims to bring together inspiring people who are shaping the world. Through cross-industry learning and collaboration, we hope this series will forge new relationships and create synergies that will transform your business and life.Read more

05 Jul 2019
Hong Kong

HKIAC's status as a permanent arbitral institution in Russia: implications and plans

On 25 April 2019, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) became the first foreign arbitral institution to be granted permission to function as a permanent arbitral institution under Russia's Federal Laws on Arbitration. This has important implications for the arbitration of Russia-related disputes. Join Sarah Grimmer, Secretary-General of the HKIAC, as she discusses the implications of this development for arbitration users and the HKIAC's plans.Read more

26 Jun 2019

Hong Kong Mediation Council:「食飯問功課」Experience Sharing Dinner

You are newly accredited. You have conducted a few mediation sessions. Yet there are moments that you feel you could do better. We believe that every aspiring mediator has been there – you are not alone. Would you like an opportunity to share, ask questions and equip yourselves further for a better next session?Read more

25 Jun 2019
Hong Kong

Data Protection in Arbitration Proceedings

The ICCA-IBA Joint Task Force on Data Protection in Arbitration Proceedings will publish its widely anticipated Data Protection Roadmap in June. The HKIAC and other arbitration institutions have been strong supporters of the task force's work, and would like to invite you to a grab bag lunch on 18 June at 1 PM to discuss data protection with Sarah Grimmer, Secretary General of the HKIAC, and Kathleen Paisley, co-chair of the task force. The lunch will be an informal round table discussion, and questions are encouraged.Read more

18 Jun 2019
Hong Kong

HKIAC Shanghai Office Open Day 2019


Aimed at law school students at Shanghai-based universities who are interested in arbitration, this event will provide details on why parties choose to arbitrate in Hong Kong, and in particular why parties use HKIAC as the arbitral institution.Read more

17 Jun 2019 to 25 Jun 2019

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