Effective Dispute Resolution for the Maritime Industry

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19 Nov 2018
Hong Kong

In 2017, Hong Kong was ranked one of the top five largest shipping registers globally. Renowned for its heritage, vibrancy and strategically located in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong leads as an international maritime hub. This is set to continue given China’s focus on the use of its sea ports to connect regions across Asia, Africa and Europe through the Belt and Road Initiative. Given the volume of ships trading worldwide, economic and political fluctuations, and increased investment in the sector, the potential for disputes is high. An important step in risk management is having a well-drafted dispute resolution clause. Join our lunch talk where shipping experts will share their insights on issues that commonly lead to maritime disputes and why an effective dispute resolution clause is essential in protecting business interests in these uncharted waters.

Topics include: 

• Assessing risk in the maritime industry
• Key considerations when drafting dispute resolution clauses
• Practical issues when handling maritime disputes


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