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HKIAC Pre-arbitration Strategy Workshop

HKIAC Pre-arbitration Strategy Workshop: Maximising Recovery in International Arbitration

You are an in-house counsel, CEO or external lawyer faced with a foreign counter-party who is in breach of your, or your client’s, commercial arrangement. You have attempted to resolve the issues through informal negotiation without success. The dispute resolution clause provides for any disputes to be resolved by arbitration in Hong Kong under the HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules. Before commencing formal proceedings you want to ensure the most effective strategy is adopted from the outset to maximise prospects of success and actual recovery.

This workshop brings together legal counsel, an asset recovery specialist, and a third-party funder in an early stage meeting scenario to consider the legal options available and practical steps required to formulate an effective dispute resolution strategy. Experts will consider the lifecycle of a dispute from commencement of proceedings through to enforcement and ultimate recovery. The aim is to equip attendees with the tools to make sound business decisions when faced with a potential dispute.

Attendees will also hear about the key features of HKIAC arbitration proceedings and the practical application of the tools available under the HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules.

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02 Mar 2018

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