The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre is the foremost venue for alternative dispute resolution in Asia and the preferred seat for complex disputes involving parties from across the globe, including the United States and China. Consistently declared the world’s freest economy and expected to surpass London and New York to become the leading global financial centre by 2016, Hong Kong is home to an extraordinary number of world-class professionals in various key industries, as well as a robust community of experienced foreign lawyers and arbitrators. Choosing Hong Kong places a wealth of industry-specific expertise and legal know-how at your fingertips.

The HKIAC's brand new facilities, featuring 360-degree views of Hong Kong’s skyline, are fully customizable and specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a wide variety of meetings and hearings. We offer over 20 separate meeting spaces capable of serving anywhere from 4 to 180 individuals, and our multi-lingual support staff is on hand to provide a full suite of business services to ensure your meeting or hearing runs smoothly. The HKIAC offers a comfortable, convenient, and highly versatile meeting point for parties from all corners of the globe.

Situated within five hours of half the world’s population and easily accessible from all major cities across the world, Hong Kong is the ideal seat for complex disputes involving foreign parties. The HKIAC’s premier location in Hong Kong’s Exchange Square places us squarely at the centre of the city’s bustling international business district, making the centrality of the HKIAC’s premises unmatched. Hong Kong’s common law court system is strictly independent and has long been considered a pro-arbitration stronghold in Asia. Hong Kong courts routinely uphold the finality and independence of the arbitral system, and an award rendered in Hong Kong has wide enforceability in major jurisdictions across the globe.





  • And the GAR Innovation Award goes to … HKIAC


  • New Year, New Rules: HKIAC Adopts New Procedures for Administering UNCITRAL Cases


  • The 2013 HKIAC Administered Arbitration 50 Questions & Answers – Now Available


  • HKIAC Domestic Arbitration Rules Revisited



  • SAVE THE DATE: Deconstructing Infrastructure Projects


    In the construction industry, disputes are an all too common and costly occurrence. This is equally true in the East and the West. A clear dispute avoidance strategy implemented throughout the life of a project from procurement to completion will assist parties to recognise and minimise situations where potential disputes arise.

    Join Teresa Cheng, Chairman of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), as she introduces key aspects of the HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules of particular relevance to the construction industry and then join her and a panel of experts to discuss innovative trends in arbitrating construction disputes in Asia including developments in third party funding in construction disputes; strategies for managing experts, lawyers and the tribunal to obtain the most cost-effective result as well as regional specifics applicable to the enforcement of awards in Asia.


  • Say Yes to Success! - How to Become a Sensational Secretary


    Have you ever acted as secretary to an arbitral tribunal? Would you like to? Are you curious about what the job entails? How to do it better?

    Recognised for the innovative introduction of its tribunal secretary services and guidelines at the 2014 GAR Awards, HKIAC would like to invite you to join us for an interactive programme answering all your questions on how to know, meet and exceed your arbitrators' expectations when acting as tribunal secretary.

    An expert group with various relevant levels of experience, from seasoned secretary to satisfied (or otherwise) arbitrator, will guide the discussion and help you understand the parameters of the job and provide inside tips on how to do it better.


  • CIArb Centenary Celebrations


    We are on count down to the CIArb Centenary celebrations in 2015. CIArb is the only international ADR professional body that combines membership and training of ADR practitioners on a global basis. The Institute is Chartered to deliver its Golden Thread by:

    - Education, training and awarding qualifications

    - Developing the learned society

    - Facilitating ADR

    This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to increase visibility to key industry decision makers, strengthen and build new business relationships and interact with the experts and users in the field of ADR.


  • HK Summit 2015


    In collaboration with ICCA, HKIAC is pleased to present the 2015 HK Summit. The HK Summit aims to grapple with the existing systems for dispute resolution and push the boundaries of what is possible. Through intimate dialogue and high-level discussion, the thought leaders in the industry will bring to the table ideas which challenge the infrastructure and propose sustainable mechanisms for improving the processes of disputes of dispute resolution.


  • SAVE THE DATE: 4th Annual HK Arbitration Week


    The 4th Annual HK Arbitration Week will be held from 26 October to 29 October. If you are interested to receive more information from us, please send your enquires to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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